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I’m so excited that my story “Deep Freeze in Suburbia” is part of Heartbreaks & Half-truths, the latest crime anthology from Superior Shores Press, selected and edited by Judy Penz Sheluk.  It’s great to be among this amazing array of crime writers.


Member of Parliament Dina Calder is flying high. As newly appointed Cabinet Minister for Seniors and Families, she’s on the star track in her political career.

Until a lurid paperback lands on her desk. Deep Freeze in Suburbia–the shocking story of the Misty Lockwood Murder. It’s a true-crime story from the past.

Her past.

There’s more than ice cream and frozen broccoli in there….

With the aid of Birkenstock, her know-it-all Parliamentary Assistant, Dina will do anything to hide her connection to this decades-old crime.



Heartbreaks & Half-truths is the latest release from Superior Shores Press. Publisher, writer and editor Judy Penz Sheluk has done an excellent job with this project from start to finish.


My story, Spirit River Dam  appears in the multi-author first anthology, The Best Laid Plans from the same publisher.


Where to buy Heartbreaks & Half-truths and other anthologies with my stories.

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Recently I waxed excited about my story’s inclusion in Judy Penz Sheluk’s anthology from Superior Shores Press, The Best Laid Plans.

It’s here. It’s now. You can order it from a variety of online sources in paperback or e-copy.

Spirit River Dam” is a tale of potential art fraud with very high stakes.

The Drive, Tom Thomson 1916-17

Tom Thomson’s The Drive, Winter 1916-1917

Imogen runs a trendy art gallery in Toronto in the Sixties. She is surprised and delighted and wary in equal parts when her ex walks in with Spirit River Dam, a painting that could very well be a long lost work by Canadian artist, Tom Thomson.

The painting looks right; it feels right. It ticks all the right boxes. Except for one little detail.

Now, if they could just make that one little detail disappear…. And to what lengths will they go?

* * *

Does the mysterious painting, Spirit River Dam, look a little like The Drive, above?

Or maybe like this one?

Tea Lake Dam, Tom Thomson, 1915

Tom Thomson remains one of Canada’s best-loved and admired artists. His ground-breaking paintings of the early twentieth century, including depictions of Algonquin Park, became the the basis for a whole new school of Canadian art.

Tom, Fishing in Algonquin Park

You can explore Tom Thomson’s entire catalogue here, including all his painting of dams.

And you can order your copy of The Best Laid Plans here.

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I just got the good news.

My latest story, “Spirit River Dam”, has been selected for Judy Penz Sheluk’s upcoming anthology, The Best Laid Plans, coming in June from her imprint, Superior Shores Press.

I first met Judy, fellow Sister in Crime, when we were billed together in The Whole She-Bang 2, my first outing as a published crime writer. Judy’s the author of several crime novels and story collections, which you can read all about here.

Me and Judy at Sleuth of Baker Street, Toronto.

I tend to need a theme and a deadline before I can jump into a short crime story. So I was immediately taken by the reminder of Burns’s poem, “To a Mouse“, with its warning,

“The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley….”

(I don’t have to explain “agley” do I? Or Burns?) It goes on,

An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
For promis’d joy!

Yeah…. All that promis’d joy, all that grief an’ pain. Theme. Big time.

So let’s see….someone has an old painting in their house, going back generations. A painting of a dam on a river in what could be Algonquin Park. Kind of in the style of Tom Thomson. Kind of like this one.

Tea Lake Dam, Tom Thomson, 1915

Is it a Thomson? Isn’t it? Might it be? And if it isn’t, then what if….?

Yes, you’re right. It was inspired by a story in the news last year. With a joyful ($480,000) ending. My story, being fiction, might not go so well. Might go agley, in fact.

Or not.

I’ll keep you all posted, closer to launch day.

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