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Yes! It’s time for another short story.

Death of Another Hero in the latest mystery anthology from Malice Domestic and Wildside Press.

Mystery Most Theatrical

Mystery Most Theatrical is chock full of intriguing stories by a cast of wonderful crime writers. The anthology was scheduled for release in April at the Malice Domestic Mystery Conference, but fate intervened, the conference was cancelled and the book is coming out at the beginning of October.

When a local theatre group revives its modern interpretation of Much Ado About Nothing, the playwright, cast and crew are all ready to reprise their roles from 25 years ago.

All except one.

Further Ado program
Old sins cast long shadows and revenge is a dish best served cold.

A Shakespearian destiny is awaiting its cue, as one of them savours the words,
“I’d have eaten his heart in the marketplace.”

Where to  buy Mystery Most Theatrical and other anthologies

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Here we are…. my latest short story involving secrets, lies, betrayals and train travel.

Murder on the Northern Lights Express

Northern Lights Express arrives at Cumberland Bridge, Ontario

In 1961, Alice Berlin boards the Northern Lights Express in Toronto, heading north on a reunion trip with her old friends from university. The only member of the group missing is Walter, who died in an accident two years ago.

As the train speeds northwards through the autumn countryside, Alice begins to work on her hidden agenda, finding out who knows the truth behind Flames Along the St. Lawrence, the brilliant historical work that’s taking the academic world by storm.

Murder on the Northern Lights Express” is featured in Mystery Most Geographical, the latest anthology from the wonderful people at Malice Domestic, the annual traditional mystery conference held each April in Maryland.

Mystery Most Geographical is available at the Malice Domestic Conference (April 27-29, 2018) or all your favourite online bookstores.

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Another exciting publication date is coming up for me at the end of April. My short mystery “The Lady’s Maid Vanishes” will be part of Malice Domestic’s latest anthology, Mystery Most Historical.

The 29th annual Malice Domestic Conference is being held April 28-30 in Maryland. This year’s theme is historical mystery, and I’m in good company with 29 other mystery writers, including Catriona McPherson, Marcia Talley and Martin Edwards.

“The Lady’s Maid Vanishes” takes place in 1931, when Lady Byng, wife of the former Governor General of Canada, and her entourage are staying at a rustic lodge in the Rockies. Her maid, Vaughan, goes for a walk in the woods, and vanishes.

The story was inspired by an incident I read in the memoirs of Evelyn, Lady Byng, Up The Stream of Time. In real life, Vaughan was found safe, though terrified, long after nightfall.

Evelyn Byng, Viscountess Byng of Vimy

My story, however, takes quite a different turn.

The collection is published by Wildside Press and will be available at the conference (at the end of April) and afterwards at their website.

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