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My latest story “My Night with the Duke of Edinburgh” is now available in the anthology Fishy Business.

Along with 21 other stories this is a caper tale, where just about any scheme might be put to the test, and pulled off. Or go horribly awry.

The Princess & the Duke visit Toronto, 1951

October 1951. The lovely and popular Princess Elizabeth is making a cross-Canada tour, standing in for her father, the ailing King George VI.  Escorting her is her glowing sun god of a husband, The Duke of Edinburgh.

Four university students decide the Royal visit to Toronto will provide an excellent opportunity to make a stand against the oppression of The Monarchy. What better plan than to kidnap the Duke of Edinburgh? Or at least, his waxwork effigy. All they have to do is break into the Royal Ontario Museum at night, and spirit him away.

The Duke

What could possibly go wrong?

I took the inspiration for the story from a real-life 1960 adventure when a group of entitled young men decided to steal Antony Armstrong-Jones (remember him?) from Madame Tussaud’s. Since few people remember Princess Margaret’s ex-husband, and even fewer care, I hit upon more memorable royals for my story.

You can listen to that intriguing tale here, at BBC’s Short Cuts. Start at 2:59.

You can enjoy the actual tour (sans kidnapping) at the National Film Board of Canada’s website. Click on the picture.

The Royal Journey

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