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Polyphemus Luck

Just a thought that maybe I should post something new.  One night last week, at the cottage, we heard the heavy beating of wings against the screens.  First at the east side, then the south side.  Trying hard to reach the light within.

It was a large — I mean LARGE — moth, which Norman identified in one of the very handy nature books that his cottage abounds with.  It’s a Polyphemus.

Of course, I need pictures, so I tried several shots.

From the inside, with flash, through heavy screen presence,  resulting in

a) a rare underside view

b) an overall impression that it’s a face mask representing an owl or lynx (if you squint a bit)

c) fabulous flash reflection from its eyes.  I’m sure that’s something you don’t see every day.

Then I braved the large mosquito populus to get some outside shots.  There was no hope of focusing in the dark, so I was very very luck to succeed.

Polyphemus with Flash, upper side (plus friends)

Polyphemus without flash. Such a handsome creature

And, just for contrast, here’s a  Banded Purple butterfly that likes to hang around the dock.

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