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Recently I shared with you my line-up of Detectives in Miniature, many of whom keep me company in my office.

This time, I’m taking you on a tour of my miniature Crime Scenes.

Let’s start with one of the first mini rooms I ever put together, back in the 1980s. (Can that be possible?)  It started when I found a miniature revolver at a mini show and sale. Nothing spectacular. Cast metal, maybe 50 cents.  It made me think, hmmm, mystery? Specifically, my old paperback of Poirot Investigates.   So I found a key and started creating a crime scene.












I assembled many mysterious accessories and clues…

Then I found a suspect and, as you can tell from the Cards on the Table (see what I did there?), it was clear the answer to the mystery was….

Miss Scarlet, in the Lounge, with the Revolver

By the way, that’s the Haworth Rectory and churchyard out the window there.

The Road to Manderley

Some years later, I decided I wanted to reconstruct the library at Manderley. You know, Rebecca. Over a long period of time, I gathered all kinds of pieces, commissioned miniature animal artisan Karl Blindheim to create Jasper, the English cocker spaniel, and created both Mrs. Danvers and the second Mrs. de Winter. Finally, I designed a room box and had it made to order (spectacularly well done) by Gerry Brockhurst, a talented miniatures builder.

And since the library is Mrs. dWII’s quiet refuge, I decided to keep Mrs. Danvers out of there.

But she’s around, scheming….

Mrs. dWII, in the Library, with the knitting needles

Although for fun, I couldn’t resist giving her her come-uppance.

A Trip to Tiny Baker Street

While nearly all of my miniature detectives and crime scenes are 1:12 scale, I have one in the tiny (and space saving) scale of 1:48.

221 B Baker Street

My friend Gayle Baillargeon is the queen of quarter inch scale miniatures projects, including a collection of excellent tiny book kits. That is, bookish rooms containing literary settings.

This was one of my favourites kits to build and embellish

A study in green.

Best Girl Detective Ever

Finally, here’s a tribute to the bookish bedroom of my childhood.  Yup, full of Trixie Belden.

Trixie Belden, best girl detective ever.


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