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I have been writing for as long as I could hold a pencil.

I’ve been making minatures for about as long as I could hold a bottle of glue.

Why yes, they do cross over each other.  So I can’t help letting loose sometimes and create miniatures scenes and figures representing Detectives and The Scene of the Crime.

First up, The Detectives.

We begin with the Divine Miss M.  Miss Jane Marple, of St. Mary Mead.

Miss Marple, in the Garden with the Binoculars

Miss Marple, in the Garden with the Binoculars (yes, they’re in her trug basket)

I bought the bisque doll, based on the Joan Hickson incarnation (of course), from a miniature dolls creator, and dressed her in her everyday clothes. The ensemble she would wear for puttering around her garden, visiting the neighbours, marketing in The High, or sitting by her window keeping an eye on where the vicar is headed at this time of day.

Miss Marple

You can’t go wrong with a silk blouse, a lacy knitted cardigan with pearl buttons, Mother’s brooch, and a good hat for keeping the sun off.

I made up Jane and her garden for a raffle prize at an Ontario Miniatures Gathering, an annual minis get-together involving friends, minis, food, workshops, displays, food, sales, drinks and food.


Brother Cadfael was fun to create.

Brother Cadfael in his library

This is the only time I’ve ever made the doll myself, entirely from scratch, using Fimo. I couldn’t find a suitable doll to fill the bill.

Again, he was a raffle prize at the Minis Gathering. Gosh, that was 1997.

The herbarium was a ton of fun too.

Brother C in his element

Yes…. just a touch of monkshood.


Next, Jessica Fletcher, of Cabot Cover, Maine and other international locales….

Jessica Fletcher

Jessica Fletcher, the prototype created by Linda for our class.

I took a workshop to dress a Jessica Fletcher doll, given by miniature dollmaker Linda Beaupré at another Minis Gathering, when the theme was A Little Mystery.

I’m quite happy with my own Jessica, in her writing element.

Other mystery-related items I picked up that weekend: the extremely deadly Gloriosa Lily (created by Carolyn Roach), a silver Borgia casket (by Don Spratling) and a Sherlock Holmes teapot (by Janice Crawley).  Also on the wicker desk (by Debi Kolenchuk) are a Clarice Cliff tea set (no, the tea isn’t poisoned) by Janice Crawley, my dear cat Lucky, by Karl Blindheim, and Eileen Charenduk’s Lily of the Valley (also severely poisonous). Handwoven rug by Rita Valois and painting by Caroline Grimes.


Finally, my all-time favourite fictional detective and mystery writer, Harriet D. Vane.

Harriet D Vane

Another fabulous workshop from Linda Beaupré, when the Minis Gathering theme was Murder on the Orient Express. We made a 1930s Orient Express traveller, and I immediately recognized her has Harriet.

Harriet on the way

Once Harriet escaped the noose, she became a huge bestseller, and could afford to Go in Style.

There are probably more I’d like to tackle. Trixie Belden, maybe? We’ll see….


Next time: The Scene of the Crime.

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