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I suppose my youthful enthusiasm is showing…. January 14’s Toronto Star had a great review for The Whole She-Bang 3. And somehow, Jack Batten put little glitter lights all over my story.

The antholowsb3-jack-battens-review-dategy is a huge collaborative effort by a lot of Sisters in Crime, expecially Helen Nelson, co-ordinator in chief, and editor Janet Costello. We had volunteers dealing with receiving and juggling all the submissions and judges and proof-readers and a crackerjack cover artist.  And 17 other terrific writers.

And the column was picked up by the Waterloo Region Record too, so my cousin John emailed me to tell me I’m famous. (Well, in a few households anyway.)

I have to say I’m feeling pretty chuffed over Jack’s singling me out.

Where to buy a copy







Read about my earlier story in The Whole She-Bang 2

where Jack Batten also gave me a mention: “Susan Daly presents a juicy story of confrontations between characters based on Rob Ford and Margaret Atwood.”

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