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Apple Blossom time….

A few weeks ago, just before Christmas, I was in a Thrift shop (Pegasus on Kingston Road, Toronto, always good for interesting inexpensive finds) looking for a Christmas container, when I came upon a charming little rectangular plate of unknown vintage, unknown maker.  Decidedly not Christmassy.  Apple blossoms in two corners.  I paid $2 and left without anything Christmassy.

It’s been sitting on my kitchen counter for about 5 weeks, with tangerines and other passing ephemera taking a rest on it, because it matches nothing I own, and doesn’t fit with any other dishes because of its size and shape.  Still, I am very pleased with it.

This morning I was struck out of nowhere with the realisation it did indeed match something I own.  Among my miniature teapot collection there’s a wonderful bit of occupied Japan reproduction by the fabulous artisan Janice Crawley.

And yes, they seem made for each other.

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